What Happens When You Join Sanius?

The first step is receiving your smartwatch from us! This will enable you to track your sleep quality, activity levels, ECG, blood oxygen levels, heart rate and much more.

Once you consent to sharing your GP and hospital data with us, we combine this with data from your smartwatch to build a comprehensive picture of your daily health.

You can access all of this through the Sanius Health app where you can also track your pain scores and mental wellbeing. Having this all in one place makes it easy to see how your mind and body are impacted by things like sleep quality and activity levels.

Thanks to this comprehensive data we can alert you when you’re potentially heading for a VOC. The signs and triggers of a crisis are different for everyone which is why our early warning predictor learns from your personal data patterns – the more you use Sanius, the better it gets. Catching a crisis early can help you take proactive preventative action and gives you the opportunity to plan your day with your health and wellbeing in mind.

We make it easy for you to share this data with your healthcare providers too, giving them deeper insight than they can ever get from appointments alone. We even offer a genomics kit, providing you with data on your family history around the disease, as well as other underlying conditions which might affect your quality of life going forward.

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