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If you are reading this, we firstly want to say it’s a pleasure to meet you and we are very thankful for your interest in this role. We are extremely passionate about rare diseases, and making the world a better place for patients and families.

We have several programmes currently being progressed in the rare and chronic diseases space, particularly in making a real-world impact for patients. We would love to have you join us as part of a small team of hard-working, talented, committed, and highly skilled individuals. Fortunately for us, we have years of experience in data and healthcare, as well as a great understanding of some of the core diseases we are focused on.

About Us

Our vision for health, care and research is simple.

Sanius Health is an AI-powered patient-generated data platform with a focus on accelerating personalised medicine, drug discovery and clinical research for cancer treatment, haematological malignancies, haematological disorders, and rare diseases. We are the largest Sickle Cell Disease Integrated patient ecosystem and are expanding this to include other conditions.

We partner with passionate patients, treatment centres, researchers, developers of therapeutics and regulators in advancing outcomes for patients through our health data platform. We trust each other to get the job done, so you’ll have a lot of autonomy here while also being part of a supportive close-knit team! We’re a diverse team with a huge variety of backgrounds, identities, and experiences, so you can be sure you’ll feel welcome from day one.

Join Us

Above all, we care about changing the world we inherited for those who will come after us. Making a positive impact on human health takes insight, curiosity, and intellectual commitment. It takes brave minds, pushing the boundaries to transform healthcare. Regardless of your role, you will have the opportunity to play an important part in helping our partners drive healthcare forward and ultimately improve outcomes for patients. Forge a career with greater purpose, make an impact, and never stop learning.

Job Description

The role will be ideal for clinical professionals with experience leading on initiatives aimed at making research more patient-centric, as well as supporting the overall growth of patient engagement programmes. The Senior Researcher & Programme Lead will be responsible for improving dialogue with our patient, scientific and medical communities, to decision making in all aspects of technological and ecosystem growth, in the interest of our ecosystem’s patients.

The ideal Senior Researcher & Programme Lead will be an integral part of developing and delivering research protocols, IRAS submissions, ethics approval, end to end studies, grant funding, RWE partnerships with treatment centres and industry partners within Sanius Health’s ecosystem. As Sanius Health expands into new disease areas, this role will be essential in ensuring that we accomplish our vision to better patient experiences, care and research across the world.

As part of the research team, this role will oversee work across a number of rare diseases, including haematological malignancies such as Myeloma, Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia, and more. A core focus will be creating better access and closing data gaps for specific research studies, exploring new study gaps with clinical leads and pharma. Improving patient outcomes as well as delivering benefits for the healthcare system are key priorities. Simultaneously, the ideal candidate will work with the internal team and management to integrate new innovations into the Sanius Health ecosystem.

Main Accountabilities

  • Manage programmes for clinical, academic and commercial partners including development of research protocols.
  • To develop research objectives, projects and proposals, undertake research and evaluate outcomes.
  • To plan, co-ordinate and implement research programmes in accordance with the Sanius strategy for RWE generation and improved patient care.
  • Liaise with study sponsors and steering committee experts throughout the project.
  • Take leadership of a project team from idea generation to delivery of the study outputs.
  • Critically review the work of other members of the research & wider team and mentor less experienced members as necessary.
  • Contribute, as an author, to journal publications, conference abstracts and posters.
  • Present at international conferences.
  • Lead on assigned disease studies and programmes
  • Lead on real world evidence generation programmes for regulatory submissions
  • Support industry partners with patient-centric research, addressing unmet patient needs, creating more visibility of the entire patient journey and research into various diseases.
  • Deliver targeted annual publications in various diseases
  • Lead on programmes with clinical leaders nationally and globally on targeted diseases.
  • Work with developers to progress patient apps across multiple disease areas.
  • Partner with clinical research teams to support accelerating research.
  • Carry out research and feasibility studies, to support the assessment of the clinical or commercialisation potential of innovation.
  • Pursue research, funding applications, and securing funding sources for various disease programmes which may include industry funding for apps and patient programmes
  • Support in patient acquisition, retention, and patient programmes.
  • Lead and facilitate patient focused workshops and round-table discussions.
  • Support with new medicines adherence and hesitancy programmes from patient groups.
  • Develop and build relationships with the NHS to integrate labs, pharmacy etc., to ensure research datasets can be sourced for programmes.
  • Work with our grant partners and teams to identify and successfully secure grant opportunities.
  • Develop and deliver an international strategy, which builds upon the existing relationships with clinical, pharmacy and medical professionals to identify new and innovative ways of working with our organisation.
  • Work with the team to develop relationships internationally as we expand into the EU, Middle East and US.
  • Work with charity partners and patient organisations to build out an integrated patient-focused network.
  • Contribute to thought leadership and patient voice content that speaks to the work Sanius Health is pursuing.

Core Responsibilities as Part of this Role

  • Personal responsibility
  • Research-level leadership
  • Managing and developing research programmes
  • Managing research budget and resources
  • Achieving results/delivering research programmes
  • Problem solving
  • Innovative thinking

Experience Required

  • Experience in leading and driving digital transformation and patient-centric cultures, as well as delivering on programmes with complex business deliverables.
  • Demonstrable experience of clinical research, ideally with practical experience of using large datasets such as Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD) data or equivalent
  • Experience of leading health research projects from start to completion
  • Analysis and dissemination of real-life research from large-scale observational studies
  • Protocol writing
  • Manuscript writing
  • Authorship of journal publications (at least 5 peer-reviewed publications)
  • Working with large databases (in excess of 100k)
  • Statistical analysis using SPSS, Stata, R, SQL or MySQL
  • Biostatistical experience: regressions (logistics, conditional), survival analysis
  • Client relations, liaising with external parties internationally, strong leadership and presentation skills
  • Excellent written and verbal English communication skills
  • Minimum of 5 years of research, clinical or healthcare experience.
  • Strong experience working in the NHS, or in partnership with.
  • Experience overseeing large digital healthcare programmes such as app development, data integrations and systems, technology implementation, operational process integrations, and vendor integrations.
  • Experience and demonstrated capabilities in patient experience design and handling of patient data.
  • Experience in grant applications and fundraising.

Success Measures

  • Delivery and securing funded research programmes from industry
  • Delivering full research studies from protocol to evidence generation and publication
  • Supporting Sanius Health being viewed externally as the forefront of real-world evidence generation and research within its field.
  • Woking with Pharma and Industry partners on a range of funded programmes
  • Increased patient and stakeholder engagement across multiple disease areas.
  • Relationships with stakeholders across healthcare and life sciences remain strong
  • Active contribution as part of the organisation’s research team

Application Details:
To apply, please send your CV and covering letter to:

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