Capturing the real patient journey.

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Committed to illuminating the complete patient journey. We use the latest technology to gather real-world data from patients as they navigate diagnosis, treatment, and life at home. 

Harnessing the power of data to drive better clinical research

Integrated data for integrated systems

Our platform provides data from medical records, patient-reported outcomes, remote monitoring data, genomics data, pathology, diagnostics and more – an unmatched depth of data for the best results in RWE and clinical research

Planning powered by predictive

Our research platform utilises real-time data boosting decision-making with live and predictive insights into patient habits

Research specific engagement

A combined technology and people-focused approach to support you during your clinical trials

Patient Trial Recruitment

Support with ease of patient recruitment and engagement in clinical trials

●  Designed for patients

Revolutionising Clinical Research: Sanius Health’s Data-Driven Approach

●  Designed for patients

Sanius Health focuses on combining genomic, EHR or EMR, phenotype and outcomes data to significantly improve clinical research and drug development in partnership with pharmaceutical companies.

We have invested in and proven a very scalable data-driven clinical research model, where we are significantly improving on progress made by our predecessors in the clinical research space.

Accelerate understanding of rare diseases with our platform

When developing new medicines and treatments, it’s essential to capture the authentic patient experience. This means going beyond clinical trials to understand patients’ day-to-day realities, challenges, and needs. Our solution allows for a comprehensive understanding of the patient experience. 

The patient experience shared.

Overcoming the challenges of rare disease trials

The majority of data pertains to hospital stays, which only capture a small part of a patient’s life, despite them spending 99% of their time outside the hospital.

●  Designed for patients

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We want to enable research teams to keep the patient experience top of mind at each step. Together, we can forge studies centred on real patient journeys – and shape the future of care.

Access Technologies Designed for Seamless Patient Integration

We provide research teams with tools designed around ease-of-use and patient lives, including intuitive apps and connected devices developed specifically for contextual remote monitoring. This makes gathering meaningful real-world data simple for both participants and your team.

Patient-Centric Research Insights and Expertise

Our team brings specialised expertise in patient-centric study design, methodology and remote monitoring technology implementation. We consult on considerations from protocol development to data security to participant engagement strategies – offering insights that ensure research answers patient-first questions.

Collaborative Partnership Focused on Patient Impact

We are focused on advancing research that translates to improved real-world outcomes for patients. We view collaborations as opportunities to drive this mission alongside partners who share our commitment to positive patient impact above all else. Our goal is to jointly spark innovation that serves patient needs first.

Featured studies and resources


Predicting Vaso-Occlusive Crises in Sickle Cell Disease through Digital, Longitudinal Tracking of Wearable Metrics and Patient-Reported Outcomes

American Society of Haematology Exposition (2023) — Oral Presentation

Areas of interest /
Vaso-occlusive crises (VOCs)

Areas of interest /
AI-driven predictive technology

Areas of interest /
Real-time wearables & PRO data


Wearable Technology To Support Asthma Patients And Improve NHS Capacity

Collaboration with Modality Partnership (2023- )

Areas of interest /
AI-driven & wearable technologies

Wearables, PROs, Disease Symptoms

Published in /


Disparate Prediction of Outcomes in A Uniformly Treated Cohort of Patients with AL Amyloidosis Stratified by Mayo 2012 & European Cardiac Staging Systems

European Haematology Association (2023)

Areas of interest /
Prognostic markers & overall survival

Biomarkers /
Pathology, Activity (6MWT)

Published in /
HemaSphere, European Haematology Association

Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinaemia (WM)

A Real-World digital monitoring Study exploring the Day-to-Day Experience of Patient activity, Sleep, and outcome measures in WM

University College London Hospital NHS Trust  (2023)

Areas of interest /
Treatment adherence & impact monitoring

Areas of interest /
Activity, Sleep, PROs

Published in /

●  Designed for patients

Data privacy

We take the protection of personal data very seriously. We are subject to European Union regulations that guarantee you and your studies participants a high level of protection for personal data. For more information, please refer to our privacy policy.

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Advancing Patient-Centric Research Together.

Our mission is to transform lives by capturing authentic patient experiences. We believe continuously gathering data in real-world contexts is key to developing patient-centred therapies. That’s why we have developed technology specifically for integrating remote monitoring into research meaningfully.

If you share our drive to put patients first from research to real-world results, let’s have a conversation. We offer consultations to align on how Sanius Health’s flexible platform and services can strengthen your study. By joining forces, we can shift the paradigm toward research that better serves patient needs.